Tokyo proved to be one of the hardest places I've found to plan a trip... so here is my three day guide


Day 1

1. Edo-Tokyo Museum - an English Tour is a must do. Without the guide you will be lost, with it is brilliant.

2. Tokyo Sky Tree

3. Asakusa Shrine

4. Sensoji Temple

5. Nakamise Street


Day 2

1. Meiji Shrine

2. Yoyogi Park

3. Harajuku

4. Shy to Shibuya Crossing. Goto the Starbucks above for a great view... spend some time here and enjoy.

5. Hachiko Statue next to the crossing. Do some research as to its history first!


Day 3

1. Tsukiji Fish Market - get up early!

2. Hamarikyu Grdens

3. Ginza

4. The Imperial Palace and Gardens

5. Tokyo Tower - an alternative to the Sky Tree


Also consider walking up Mount Fuji. I have done it twice and its a challenge but not impossible for even the young or old!


I hope these brief notes give you a starting point for your own research! Tokyo is a massive and brilliant cultural gem. The people are wonderful and so so polite. .