Want to see a Tango Show then there can be no better place than Buenos Aires


Now lets be clear I have not been to all the Tango shows in Buenos Aires. But I have seen a few.

I have tried some searching online but you tend to only find sites trying to sell you something.

My list is just that my personal list placed on line in good faith to help you see a great show.


Number 4 is Tango Porteno near the Teatro Colon. Its only 380 pesos, and do pay in pesos as the rate is much better. That rate has no transport, drinks or food. But it gives you entry to the show at 22:15 - 22:30. I sat at the front and some of the show was excellent. Some was average on balance. However for the price its great value and as an intro to Tango could fit the bill for you. So number four but still great value and close to theNew Brighton for a meal!


Number 3 is Esquina Carlos Gardel. Collected at 21:00 from hotel by van collecting others. Arrived and sat between people eating about 20m from the stage. Had to wait about 40m for show to start but got chatting with fellow guests so it was fine. The dancers were brilliant. You tended to get two dancers then some music or a singer. The number of dancers and size of band were all bigger than other shows... ie 8 ish band members v's 4ish. So on balance the dancing was great and top class as far as I could tell. However the money for the show was taken during the show which was annoying. I think US$ was the best way to pay here. I had been told champage would be included however this was not true. Beer, wine and soft drinks were included although it was hard to order. Finished about midnight and got back to room about 00:20 local. So on balance we have another venue. This one has better dancing and singing but is bigger and less personal. The choice is yours.


Number 2 is La Ventana. It was $65 without meal and $90US with meal. Almost a variety show than pure Tango. However a great location and I would rate it. Its a small character venue, with a good production and the food and drink was fine. The larger venues will have slightly better Tango but they can be too big.


Number 1 is El Viejo Almacen. I have seen this show twice and it is a mix of dancing and singing / music. $70 US cash paid at venue, booked via hotel. Great value. collected at 19:30 - 20:00.. rtn 00:00 Three course meal that was fine. OK maybe not the very best but if I said it was fair that would imply it was poor which it was not.. If you have a special place you want to go do that first otherwise this just works and sets a great build up. A bottle of wine included. Walked over the road to the show which is good to separate in my opinion. Very good tango plus some singing and music. I was seated so close to the stage I had to move my champagne (included) glass to avoid it being kicked by the dancers. Love the whole thing. On reflection best seats are in the middle, not too close to the stage, so you get to see the flow of the whole thing and not just the detail. A great location, great dancers and a top night out. Thank you.