I've been travelling non stop for as long as I can remember,

here are a few off the wall tips or hacks


Number 1. You go for breakfast and leave your phone, ipad, camera battery to charge up ready for your big day out. Then you return to find that the electricity auto shuts off when you are out of your room. Ahhh. Solution is to get two room keys and leave one in the card slot when you go out, or use any plastic card you have spare, say from another hotel or a loyalty card.


Number 2. When you leave your hotel check out a high landmark nearby, say a tower block with a company logo on it. Then at the end of the day, your phone is flat and you are tired and lost this will help you find your hotel. I'm thinking of the Shearton Hotel sign in Brussels one night many years ago, this works!


Number 3. You have bought a return flight ticket because its cheaper than just buying a single. Beware, if you do not fly the outbound the airline will say its a breach of contract and auto cancel your return flight. I saw this first hand Lisbon airport check-in many years ago. The person was very upset as there was now zero space on the return flight.


Number 4. If you are connecting through an airport always buy your flight ticket to you final destination in one go, not two seperate transactions. WHY? Because if the first flight is late it is upto the airline to look after you. If it is two seperate bookings I understand the airline is able to stand back and say you failed to make the second flight, your problem.


Number 5. Always travel with people you love or think you will get on well with. Travel tends to put pressure on everything so if you hated them before the trip its probably going to go wrong.