Bucket List Ideas


So you need a bucket list.... You have a year to live and can spend a bit of cash to go out with a bang.


Well I've traveled a little bit and done a couple of things on the way. So here are my top five experiences for you to consider adding to your list.

1. Helicopter tour into the Grand Canyon. An early morning flight into the Canyon, breakfast, champagne and flight out.

I've flown in by plane and that was good but the helicopter is something really special.

2. Safari in Africa. Now these can be expensive but I did this on a tour of South Africa for just a couple of hours and it was good value. That said I feel the full experience over a few days would be even better.

3. See a Tango Show in Buenos Aires is just brilliant. This could be done in any major city if you could find a great venue.
So do your research. However the home of Tango offers a great choice and the best shows. I have listed my top experiences for you to view.

4. Christ the Redeemer in Rio. The view from here is something special and quite unique. See my Rio review for details.

5. See a show in Las Vegas. The possibilities for shows in Vegas is huge. The best I have ever seen was Le Reve... French for "the dream". It was the best show I have ever seen. Currently at the Wynn. The seats are in a circle and at such a pitch everyone has a great view. I have a couple of photos which I took without flash so I did not annoy others. See the Las Vegas section to see the photos.

The famous Vegas signThe famous Vegas signI took this in the middle of the night. Learning point is not to take lights in the background. However as I had taken lots of shots from different angles, one worked.

6. As I say on my home page. It is never where you are but who you are with that counts

I can generally cope with being alone. However if you "need people" then make sure you travel with people you like. Travel adds pressures that can break people and relationships. So my final thought is to say either travel on your own and get on with it. Or travel with the people you love and make it work. Traveling with half friends or people with different agendas just spoils things, ditch them. Do not make a big deal of it, but do not drift into others who you do not like "just tagging along". Suddenly that special moment where you could sit for hours is cut short as others want to do something else that frankly often turns out to be rubbish. Have a plan but also be flexible as the weather, opening times, prices, delays etc can always force change on you.

It's not the final destination but the journey that counts... Good luck and enjoy.  A