Hello and welcome to www.greattravelphotos.com

This site is simply dedicated to Inspiring World Travel through the appreciation of some Great Travel Photos.


So join me and together we will explore the world. You will already find on the site nearly 100 International destinations from Rio to Rome, Tokyo to Shanghai, New York to Paris and beyond.... 


I hope that my photos here on www.greattravelphotos.com provide you with some inspiration to visit the world and take your own. I am not a professional photographer, more a student. However I do travel a lot and hopefully I can help you a little.


In addition I have started to add a travel advice with tips and hints of what to see in different areas of the world. I am not trying to cover everything other web sites do, more give you some pointers to help you focus your own research. Think of me like a friend helping to point you to the best the world has to offer.


So grab your hat, sunglasses and big coat because you are going to need them all. Traveling the world can sometimes be hard work but together it will be great.


After all it is never where you are, but who you are with that counts.


A :)

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