After a few years I bought an action camera, or at least one that was waterproof.

What I learned was that a new water proof camera like the Olympus TG series is it's not that the underwater function that is key. My first efforts were a bit average. But to be fair I think I had the camera on the wrong settings. Plus a quick dive is not enough to learn how to operate in a new medium.


The point is that this camera can now be used on the beach, on a boat, canoe, paddle board etc. All those times when you used to say, "no" I will leave my DSLR or compact in the room to keep it safe... now you say great I have my action camera. The results will not be quite as good but they are lot better than no photo, see above taken from in the sea! I have an OLYMPUS clip on float for the camera and this proved really useful to attach to your life jacket. A simple wrist tie in my view was not good enough. If you are into photography an action camera is a good addition.