I am often asked where should I go on holiday or for a photo trip.

Here is my best effort to help INSPIRE YOUR NEXT TRIP CHOICE.


What I like could be a few thousand miles away from what you will love, quite literally. However here are a few of my preferences to at least get you thinking.

For street life and photography New York is in a different class. Firstly America is an easy place to visit. I say that in the sense of infrastructure, language, currency etc. OK Immigration control can sometimes have a friendly face or a grumpy one... But on the whole Americans are a helpful and friendly bunch. I have found New York to be one of the safest cities to walk around and think nothing about carrying a DSLR around. Obviously one should still use some common sense! The street life and the ability to photograph it without causing offence is simply brilliant. One can walk around Manhattan for days and days, as you can see from my photos. It is an exhausting place and you will need some down time, plus it's not overly cheap. Add in some shopping, food and a show and well there you have it...the perfect street photographers location.


For a holiday in Europe I would select Rome. It has wonderful buildings, history and to a degree food. It's a city you can just walk and walk and never get bored. For a family rent an apartment and stay as long as you can afford.


For an international holiday I would rate South Africa. Security concerns aside it has great weather, great food and great countryside. The people were wonderful with us and visits to things like Tabletop and Robben Island are world class.


For a rest internationally I would visit the Caribbean. Barbados, St Lucia, Grenada etc are wonderful. Do not expect first world facilities, great shopping or fast service... But for a warm welcome, great weather and relaxation this is hard to beat.


Others to consider and look into are London, Paris, Edinburgh, Berlin. Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo.... 


Again these are just my locations and you have to decide yourself. Remember it's never where you are but who you are with that counts the most. So select your travel companions with as much care as you select your destination.


Enjoy you travels and hopefully you will get some great travel photos.