Firstly Rome is for my money the best place in the world to visit.


It has everything I could want... history, architecture to die for and the ability to people watch with ease. Lets be clear for the outset this is the possibility to stand slightly back from the crowd and just watch as the throngs of people wash through an area like a sea washes up a beach.

Rome is large enough to absorb and entertain for more than just a day.

However if you are short on time, that is anything less than a year in Rome here are a few places I would go....

Before you start note good shoes and the right gear are required as it might look easy but its going to be tough going if you want to make the best the world has to offer in a day or so.


Rome to explore This photo was taken at the Pantheon and well sort of captures the feeling of freedom within a great city.


1. The Trevi Fountain. Always best early in the morning before the crowds. Trevi Fountain Early in the morning By getting there early as I did above its quieter than later in the day. Here the council is cleaning the water and area around which allows much better photos than during the middle of the day. Sit back and absorb the scene, throw a coin in the fountain and make a wish... you never know.


2. Nearby is the Pantheon. It takes less than 10 minutes to walk Patheon Now get inside. Its free and again early on the crowds are not an issue.


3. The two best ice cream shops in the world are..... with your back to the Pantheon walk straight ahead up a street on the right for about 200m Here is the 150 ice cream shop... yes about 150 ice creams... ENJOY. Next keep walking up this street to a T junction, 50m on the right is my another ice cream shop that I always visit. Note you pay first at the till, take your paper receipt and fight through the crowd to then be served. Simply ENJOY.

Ice Cream Dream

 4. Next head West to the Piazza Navona. On the Southern tip of the Piazza is a great leather shop. This is a shop I have bought over the years a few items and its head and shoulders above many of the tourist traps. It's not cheap. Recently I found it had another branch in Rome. I will check the details out and report back. From the middle of the Piazza heading West is a group of restaurants and ice cream shops.


5. Next head North West towards the Castel Sant'Angelo.... is a great place offering a different side to Rome. It gives a bit of space after the fast pace of the other more visited locations.

You are now probably tired....


6. I would add a visit to Colosseum.

7. The Vatican is a final must see place when in Rome. Try and walk up to the very top, its worth the effort.

There is a lot more to see and Rome was not built in a day and neither was this guide..... hopefully my little list give you a start. I feel bad I have missed out so much. So get up early and enjoy. When you get tired keep on going because for me Rome is the best city in Europe and possibly the world to visit.