After around 8 years of pain steaking work I would like to announce

my search for the best steak in the world is complete.

It's not been easy but it has been fun. Before I list the top five I will state I am no meat expert and I have not been EVERYWHERE. However I have had a lot of steak and done my very best. So here we go....

5th PLACE: Capital Grill USA. Good solid big steaks, generally slightly undercooked. Business like ambiance, great fries and overall experience. Atmosphere like a French cafe... lots of hustle and a classy executive style of customers. The chain has lots of outlets in the US.


4th PLACE Lusaka, Marlins. It's a spit and sawdust sort of place but the steak is simply wonderful. Having been there a few times over the last few years,  I have found the cooking of the steak variable. One time medium is well done and another its raw. Lots of great steak. Always have the pepper sauce on the side. 


3rd PLACE Buenos Aires, Grand Parrilla del Plata in the tango district Ambiance was rustic and overlooks a crossroads with lots of street life. Empty at 12:00 ish full at 13:00. Steak was a massive 450g. Offered rare, asked medium, got medium well. Lots of chips.


2nd Place: Buenos Aires, The New Brighton, Sarmiento 645, just off Florida. A brilliant ambiance with wood panels and lots of old world charm. Great staff. I had a 250g fillet and it was fantastic. Checked over two nights and brilliant on both evenings. Champagne offered on arrival and a discount of 20% was offered I think for being during the week. This is a wonderful restaurant and really is a class above the competition.


1st Place: South Africa, Joplins Steak Bar, Off the N2 @ Pirates Creak, Wilderness, WC, South Africa, 33° 59' 42.7704" S, 22° 35' 40.6032" E. The venue is a large cabin near the sea, busy with locals and tourists. A limited steak menu indicated that this was going to be good, the menu is below. The chips were terrible, the salad garnish weak but the steak... It had a garlic and butter sauce plus what felt like almost a BBQ tang to it too. At first I was shocked but within seconds I was in love.

Four steaks were checked and they were all brilliant. The integrity of the management not to offer a steak cut if it is not up to standard should be applauded. This is steak at its best and for me is simply the best steak in the world... I will remember the night in this restaurant forever....


So there we are, the search is over. Enjoy  A:)



Best Menu in the World