End of the summer

September 15, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Hi Everyone

Well life and travel have been a bit tricky, hence only a few photos this year. However I have just been to Alicante, Valencia and Barcelona. A wonderful visit to Spain where I must say I felt most welcome.

I have to admit I am struggling to edit my photos. I've given away my laptop and am trying to start again with a PC that was not bought for the purpose of editing photos. I've new software that I am starting to learn. In the meantime I am just using the windows edit suite that's OK for a quick crop and level....but really I need more time to find those photos that are potentially great travel photos ;) and really put the work in.... So for all those that feel they cannot edit, are a bit lost when you come back from a trip with 1000 photos and only a few hours to edit... I am with you.

Here we have a few more photos, edited quickly and in a month I'll go back to the folder and select just a few and put the work into making them really great.

Oh...I've another trip booked for Oct to France, a possible trip in Nov and also Dec... so standby for more travel photos.




The top 2 are in BCN and the 3rd is in Valencia. I have already tried to edit the 3rd and improved it a bit but then over did it and spoiled the copy...this one gives you a feel for now.


2021 Here we go....

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Hi everyone

Here we have sunset on 1st Jan 2021 in Scotland. Let it be a good year for all of us. Hopefully I will get to take many more photos and I'll share when I can. 

Lets see where travel is allowed.




Stockholm, Milan & Lisbon

October 31, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Hello everyone

Well for a site based upon travel 2020 has been a bit tricky, but lets not be too negative.

My enforced break from photography has reminded me why I like it so much. I'll be frank I've missed the travel, missed seeing new things and missed looking for a photograph. When you walk about a town looking for photos you look differently, critically and actively. With no camera or travel it's all too easy to just drift.

I've bought a new phone with a great camera. However I'm not sure if the phone is over brightening images. Comparing them to my G7X Canon camera there is a massive difference. I'm going to see how it goes, maybe I've got some settings wrong on the phone. However I do love the wide angle shot option, its ease of use and the ability to share photos quickly. Basically I was carrying both a camera and a phone and taking photos with both or the one that suited the subject the best.

Recently I have been able to travel.....yes go on holiday and see the world again. I've revisited Lisbon, Milan and Stockholm, see below.

I'm not sure what tomorrow will bring, but rest assured I am here and as soon as I can take more photos and share I will. Until then look after yourselves and use your camera/phone and look for that photo.


Rome at Night

February 15, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Hi Everyone

Well a quick visit to Rome proved a great evening out. My trusty mini tripod and a bit of rain was brilliant. I got some shots of a location I have visited lots and this just proves keep trying, never never give up. Also Inverness Scotland has been added for the first time after a brief visit.


Marseille Demonstration

December 16, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Hi Everyone

So there you are you find yourself in a French Demonstration, fireworks, crowds, smoke and noise. To be fair it had a good feel to it and having walked in a side street feeling very uncomfortable I returned to the crowds and felt safer!

So to the photos. Here is an example of emotion and reality. At the time I thought I really had some special photos. However on reflection they are OK but nothing really super special. The lesson is that the emotion of the event is how you feel and the photo is the trigger to that personal emotion. The key is getting the photo so good that it conveys that emotion. I've still a lot to learn.


Until next time.




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Hi Everyone

Well its been a while. I've had some time away from photography, a mini break which turned into a longer one. I did not plan it, these things just happen. However I'm now back and am refreshed.

Rome is always a favorite and below is a grab shot that came up well. Its all in the eyes and I was lucky.



Boat Race

November 27, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Hi Everyone

Photographing rowing regattas has proven to be really hard.  Hence not many of my 1000's of shots making it onto the web site. What I have learnt is that the location for your photo is more important than complaining that you do not have a £10k camera and lens... OK I've not tested that fully.

So here have a few shots from the England gallery that hopefully offer hope for all those also struggling. Get up high onto a bridge and shoot into the direction that you will see the faces of the rowers. Its still not easy to get the timing right as these boats are traveling at some speed, especially an eight. To help yourself set the camera on sports mode, burst shot, be ready and when they pop out have a go. Below are some examples of some brilliant rowers on the Thames. Think Formula One on water, this is true Olympic ethos pure competition.




Oslo - Photographer Rune Eraker

November 11, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Hi Everyone

Well firstly a bit of fun from Oslo and the fantastic reflections in a building. I thought the SELFIE below was even better with the reflection.


Taken from the same location in Oslo looking out and capturing the brilliant light and a lone fisherman. Seconds later he moved which just shows, take the photo when you see it as things change all too quickly.

While in Oslo I saw Rune Eraker describe his fantastic photo exhibition in the Nobel Peace Prize museum... something to see if you can.


Until next month



Aberdeen and The Dead Sea

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A tale of two seas. Aberdeen and The Dead Sea. Wonderful weather allowed the beach at Aberdeen to shine. While the Dead Sea allowed everything to float. Its quite a contrast between the two environments. Scotland is simply a wonderful place. While the Dead Sea is just something special in the world. Now as a photographer how do you capture the essence of the two. Yes we can record it, but how do we add that bit more. I always want to blame my equipment, if only I had X Y or Z. If not then if I had more time to really understand the area. However we rarely in life have either. So this months lesson is just have a go and do your best. My two photos below are not brilliant but they are my best effort. I've tried to keep the Dead Sea shot fun as people float about. While the Aberdeen shot is almost B&W highlighting the hard environment found in the North of Scotland.

Now its over to you to have a go and do your best capturing the environment where you are.... good luck.



RAW power

July 17, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Hi everyone

Most people take photos in Jpeg format. It sort of works. However if you have the option to shoot in RAW it can save the day. So you find yourself in say Jordan at Jerash... a group are just demonstrating what it is like to be a gladiator. You set your camera to 1/40th of a second to get a bit of blur from the swords and the action... but its wrong. Its too bright and as these things are over quick all your photos are rubbish, see below. However by shooting in RAW and then using some software all is not totally lost. I have worked at the extremes of the camera and software, ok just my abilities, I am sure others could do a lot more. But here we have a photo cropped and edited, 5 minutes work and we have something that captures the essence of the event, see below. Not as good as I would like but hopefully an example of why you should consider shooting in RAW.

All the best