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Chaine des Aravis, FranceSunset Shot of the French Alps Hi Everyone

I took over 150 shots over the course of a month to get this one...yes to get the shot you want takes time. Now I am not advocating taking lots of photos. I would take a few, have a look, adjust some settings and then stop for the day. I was and am in search of the right sky, a one awash with colour, yes the great travel photo. It's annoying as we all want it now and frankly this is still not the shot I want. I used a phone, a compact camera and a mirrorless camera shooting in Raw but the kit is not really the issue here it's one of timing. Then suddenly one day the sky was just a step up from the norm and over a period of ten minutes I shot about 20 photos and all were quite different. The key lesson, and that's what my blog is all about, is things change quickly so be ready! Be ready to shoot a lot to capture the changing environment and edit/sort afterwards. It's like you have 23 hours and 50 minutes of not much and then 10 minutes when the light is changing so fast its hard to comprehend. I generally advocate less shots but sometimes rules need to be broken and this for me is one occasion.

There is a second lesson, and never think I am an expert or talking down to you, this is what I am learning and after sharing. The photo shot in RAW looks like nothing dramatic. It's only a 30 second edit pushing the colours does the photo develop more into art than a representation of what I saw or photographed. In a way this is the image I wanted to see and editing software allows me to create it. So yes I really like the result but it's not the end of the journey for the photo I want from this location.....




Le Gets France

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Hi Everyone


A night shot taken on a light show in a French forest. A wonderful experience that was really hard to capture as a photographer. Sometimes you just have to experience things and accept that a photo cannot convey everything.

Walking in the hills around Le Gets, I just loved the soft grey tones of the roof and the grass.


link to the light show :)


Copenhagen Visit

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Hi Everyone

A brief visit to Denmark and oh what a visit. I did feel inspired and just loved the contrasting light with dramatic weather. I visited a tower in town and the spiral stairs were just a photographers dream...but how to capture it. I had a go and enjoyed the experience and the exercise


OK a little tip, If you can get a flag in your shot, great, it adds context and tells everyone where you are. BUT it really helps to get the flag so you can see all of it. This was the best I could do on the day after waiting a few minutes and taking lots of photos. SO try not to accept a shot with a flag not unfolded...wait and try and capture the whole flag.

Below is an example from Athens Greece, did I need to tell you that, no as the branding and flags do the talking

Nice.... to be back

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Hi Everyone


Firstly I've had a break away for a while but I'm back. I've generally stopped carrying a camera because I just was not in the right mind set to take photos. Its important to understand that this can happen to us all, no matter what the hobby and its OK to have a break. Over the last few months I've been taking the odd photo but have done nothing with them. But finally I was in the mood and last night I brought a few of these together, did a quick edit on the SNAPSEED app, on the phone and I've just uploaded 18 new photos. I will highlight a few via my blog over the next few weeks. So a break and an evolution, will I always carry a camera again, I'm not sure, but that's not important - its the desire to capture what I see. So just as before join me and we will once again travel.




OK two shots in Nice France. Similar but very different. The first has 3 people and conveys for me an image of a group of friends chilling. The second on a different day with a vivid sea has a lonely feel and just felt the right shot at the time. I highlight as the contrast in what you can achieve can be massive with the same camera, same location and similar style.  Nice, France

Malaga in the wet

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Hi everyone

Well travel is still not back to normal but its trying and so am I. A quick visit to Spain and Malaga gives a hint towards the summer we all want. A bit wet but still great to visit and somewhere I hope to return. Keep taking your photos. I have a few new places to share but I have not edited yet. On that note try and get it right in the camera and then wait six weeks before editing. This allows you to forget the good holiday memories and look more objectively at the array of photos you have to choose from. For myself I am not spending too long editing; level, crop, adjust a few levels and 30 seconds later its done, move on. OK its a special photo that was taken in a rush then you might want to spend some time trying to rescue it...but otherwise... focus on getting it right in the camera first time.



Rome Rome Rome

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Hi Everyone

Well its early December and where better to visit than Rome. The colours and the light were sublime and helped to lift my spirits. Often in the winter the grey can lead me to leaving my camera at home, why bother I ask myself. However when the light is out and ohhh in Rome it was the results are worth the effort. I will add that the weather changed and I got soaked in the rain.....lets not make it out that every day I go to take photos things run to plan.

As you may have noticed this web site is not a money making scheme, I don't advertise and if things go wrong I say so. Think that this is more my private hobby photo collection that I share with only those who make a bit of an effort to find. To you welcome, find inspiration and travel.

This month I've also been to Lisbon and its been like seeing a long lost friend. I enjoyed it so much I've already booked flights to return next summer.

So 2021 started in Scotland....lets see where 2022 takes us all, travel well.



Istanbul - Finally

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For as long as I can remember I have wanted to visit Istanbul. Maybe its the setting for Bond movies or the history lessons at school, but I've wanted but never had...until now. A few days in Istanbul were better than I expected and somewhere I intend to return. The weather was dull and grey but still it was BRILLIANT. I'll be back, as they say.

End of the summer

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Hi Everyone

Well life and travel have been a bit tricky, hence only a few photos this year. However I have just been to Alicante, Valencia and Barcelona. A wonderful visit to Spain where I must say I felt most welcome.

I have to admit I am struggling to edit my photos. I've given away my laptop and am trying to start again with a PC that was not bought for the purpose of editing photos. I've new software that I am starting to learn. In the meantime I am just using the windows edit suite that's OK for a quick crop and level....but really I need more time to find those photos that are potentially great travel photos ;) and really put the work in.... So for all those that feel they cannot edit, are a bit lost when you come back from a trip with 1000 photos and only a few hours to edit... I am with you.

Here we have a few more photos, edited quickly and in a month I'll go back to the folder and select just a few and put the work into making them really great.

Oh...I've another trip booked for Oct to France, a possible trip in Nov and also Dec... so standby for more travel photos.




The top 2 are in BCN and the 3rd is in Valencia. I have already tried to edit the 3rd and improved it a bit but then over did it and spoiled the copy...this one gives you a feel for now.


2021 Here we go....

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Hi everyone

Here we have sunset on 1st Jan 2021 in Scotland. Let it be a good year for all of us. Hopefully I will get to take many more photos and I'll share when I can. 

Lets see where travel is allowed.




Stockholm, Milan & Lisbon

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Hello everyone

Well for a site based upon travel 2020 has been a bit tricky, but lets not be too negative.

My enforced break from photography has reminded me why I like it so much. I'll be frank I've missed the travel, missed seeing new things and missed looking for a photograph. When you walk about a town looking for photos you look differently, critically and actively. With no camera or travel it's all too easy to just drift.

I've bought a new phone with a great camera. However I'm not sure if the phone is over brightening images. Comparing them to my G7X Canon camera there is a massive difference. I'm going to see how it goes, maybe I've got some settings wrong on the phone. However I do love the wide angle shot option, its ease of use and the ability to share photos quickly. Basically I was carrying both a camera and a phone and taking photos with both or the one that suited the subject the best.

Recently I have been able to travel.....yes go on holiday and see the world again. I've revisited Lisbon, Milan and Stockholm, see below.

I'm not sure what tomorrow will bring, but rest assured I am here and as soon as I can take more photos and share I will. Until then look after yourselves and use your camera/phone and look for that photo.