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April 28, 2024

Hi Everyone

The weather was closing in with visibility dropping. I just felt the drama of the moment and took a quick photo in the general direction of the light.... and boom, for once I managed to get something I liked. So often this fails, but for me this caught the feeling. Again it's not massively edited, taken with an old action camera, but you know I like it. So if you just feel a bit of drama, take the shot and if it works for you then that's success!



March 28, 2024

Hi Everyone

Well this photo is all about the person. Without the skier it would be nothing. So next time you have a landscape or city scene consider waiting for a person. You will be shocked, yes shocked as I find it only takes a few minutes for the someone to be where you want them, OK not always but generally it works out. Again without the skier this photo would not have even been kept let alone published.



February 28, 2024

Hi Everyone

I just love a staircase, the lines and often the chance to capture a bit of blur!

Ok this is not the best example but it does indicate the sort of thing you can achieve. If you have a ND filter, use it or switch it on in settings. Set your speed to around 20th of a second but that's just a start, test, try and see what results you get. Each location will be slightly different. Wait for people to get into the shot and take lots of photos using different settings. Try and have a check of the results on location but be ready to only really see the results when home and on a bigger screen. I have examples from Italy, France, Spain and the UK. This shot was taken in Valencia Spain and gives the feeling of motion and action to a building. Best of luck taking your staircase shot.


February 10, 2024

Hi Everyone

Well the weather is set to snow over the next few days so I thought I would have a topical photo. I have to admit I took around 100 photos today and this is the best I could get. I am using an action camera so the quality is not as good as a traditional camera, but still.... maybe it was the light, good but not quite enough to give a big WOW.

So how can we do better? Well I watched Mont Blanc all day and how the light changed it's character. So the learning point is keep studying your subject and be ready to capture when the light just gives it a WOW. But be quick as it might only last a few seconds. We can help ourselves by knowing when the sun is generally illuminating what you want. Plus changing weather with shafts of light and a darker background appears to give a bit of drama.

I'll keep learning and studying Mont Blanc and if I get something good of course I will share it with you first.



PS I do not know why but when this blog was posted the photo was missing. I checked and everything look fine at the backend. Anyway just in case you thought I was going mad, I've deleted it all and reposted. 


January 28, 2024

the light Hi everyone

This is not the quality of photo I wanted but it is a good effort. The light had just illuminated the mountain side and it was wonderful to see. I've done my best to capture the feeling but for me it falls short of what I saw. Maybe its the being 2000m up a mountain, the air, the light and in real life it was so dramatic. Maybe I've had the wrong settings on my camera, or my editing could have been better, I just don't know. The lesson is just try, yes keep trying and enjoy the journey, even when along the way you fall over a little and do not get the results that you expected.






January 07, 2024

Today is the 8th Jan 2024 and it is 10 years

since I started web site.


I've travelled the world and shared the journey with you. 


Now which photo to share?

Of the over 100 destinations and 1000's of photos from all around the world which photo should I pick.....

It's not an easy choice but I've gone with a feeling and also a similar photo that I have on my wall in front of me.

I say similar as there are a few different versions. The one I've selected has a man walking towards the camera and that for me is interesting.

So taken in Petra Jordan a wonderful world class location that if it's not on your bucket list it should be.... 


So that was the last 10 years...where will the next 10 take us.

Join me and together we will have an adventure, discover and learn.




December 28, 2023

Hi Everyone

The lesson for this blog is to try different things. Often they will fail but do try. Here I was walking under a major road and found the two people ahead walking into the light captured a feeling and I just had to try and get a shot. Now its not quite what I expected as a result and in many ways I did not know what I wanted. So if you see something that just feels right and worth a photo, don't delay if its moving, shoot it. But also try shooting not on AUTO but using different settings, experiment, see what works for you, stuff everyone else, see what you like and do more of it. 





November 28, 2023

Revolution SquareRevolution Square

Hi Everyone

So you find yourself in a one of the best museums on the planet but the real image is not of the works of art but the square outside. An advantage of a phone or small camera is that held well it can often fit through a gap in a window. Thus capturing a shot without the risk of reflection, glare, or dirt from shooting through a window. On this occasion I distinctly remember a slightly open window allowing enough space to get a camera through and boom a record shot from Saint Petersburg resulted. Now I'm not saying this is a great photo, that's not the point, but it is a lot better than one shot through the window, or not taken at all.





October 28, 2023

Hi Everyone

So the context is I'm in Rome near the Pantheon, a simply brilliant area with a cool vibe. I notice a professional photo shoot taking pace, model, lighting, various outfits ready in the wings. I just cannot help myself as the image I can visualise is just too good. I wait at a respectful distance and when the model looks me in the eye, boom I get the photo I wanted. It's all in the eyes, that brief glimpse is enough for me to make a photo. So be respectful, often I have walked on not wishing to disturb, but if you can wait until you get the eyes looking at you. That works for almost every portrait photo I can think of, after all the eyes are the window into the soul. 




October 14, 2023

Hi Everyone

So here we have two photos for a quick challenge. Instead of me telling you what I think, have a look at both and decide what you think works and why. They are similar but at the time I knew I was going to use the shots for this post so made a couple of differences just for you. Do you prefer the train in or out, the leading of the eye with the track, the crop.... what works for you, take these thoughts away and apply them to your photos.



September 28, 2023


Hi Everyone

Often we take photos on holiday and they are rubbish. But you know sometimes we capture something that is a bit special. This photo actually captures the feeling of YES I'M ON HOLIDAY. However when it was in a competition the judge felt that the title "Help !" was more appropriate. So the learning for all is that you can have a great photo but it can mean different things to different people. Only I knew the context of the photo and the feelings behind the physical image. I often see frankly average holiday shots entered into competitions because the photographer has the emotional baggage and history known only to them of a great holiday, which is fine...but don't expect everyone else to get it too.  



August 27, 2023

Shibuya crossing is a great place to see people rushing about

Hi Everyone

Here we have a photo taken at the world famous Shibuya Crossing, a multi directional people crossing point at the heart of Tokyo. 
What I will always love about this photo is that it captures for me the essence of the location. Frenetic, busy, fast, commercial, with the style of dress and the motion. What we have is a slightly slow shutter speed, looking down at the ground at the legs of people rushing over the crossing before the lights changed. This was not a grab shot. It took a few visits and a good few hours to get the right light, position, shutter speed and then a bit of luck.

To capture the essence of a location can take a few days of walking around until you get the feel for it. I have a photo in Grand Central Station New York that frankly took multiple visits and a whole day in hours to capture. Yes sometimes you have to put in the time, but I have always found when you do that the photo to be much more personally valuable.

So don't just try to record a location, try and capture the essence of what a location means to you. 








August 19, 2023

Hi Everyone

If your eye catches something, your mind almost stops itself with a spike of ouhh I like that. Then follow through on this emotional reaction, stop and take the shot. In fact my tip is really stop, evaluate the shot, take a few and don't rush. Often I've just grabbed a shot without having the courage to really stop, compose the shot, get the right settings and squeeze the best out of scene.

Here we have two bikes in Bologna Italy which caught my eye. Maybe it's the interrelationship between the wheels, maybe the colours, I don't know. I stopped took a few photos, although I should have taken longer, but at least I stopped as I still like this photo.

So keep looking out for images and if you like it, shoot it!










August 09, 2023

Hi Everyone

Here is a photo from a South American town. It was an autumn day and a bit grey. So instead of fighting against the lack of colour I used it and switched the photo to Black & White. When we travel we cannot hope to emulate all the images we see on the internet, taken in great light, by a pro photographer, who has been waiting all year for the right moment. We have to deal with what we have, be it rain, dull clouds...whatever. So when you look at your photos consider a switch to Black and White to see if they look better, sometimes it does, sometimes not, but it's an options that is often ignored.




August 03, 2023

Hi Everyone

Well here we have a photo of Christ in RIO. It's a great photo that makes me smile remembering a happy holiday.

I actually sold this photo to the Rough Guide......but why. Because with the wispy clouds it's slightly different from the norm and this gives the feeling of being high up.

Also what you do not see is the great mass of people all around the base of the statue. So when you see something on your travels that is surrounded by people try and lift the shot a little and keep them out - they often distract from the real subject.

Here is another example. The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, to the right is a crowd of people all taking photos from the path. I walked down onto the rocks, out of the way and got a different shot without the people. Now mine is not the greatest photo, it's weak for a lot of reasons. But it's a lot better than if I had followed the crowd and taken the standard photo. Just an idea to help you get a better shot the next time you are on your travels standing in front of an iconic statue or building.