I have found a new destination that is out of this world, space.


It took a bit of work and a lot of luck to arrange a stay in the Space Suite, Zurich.

But for any space fan this is simply a dream.

On the face of it the Space Suite is just a collection of top class memorabilia and unique design. However in many ways this misses the point. It's only when you stay in the room for some time that you understand it can be so much more of an experience.

Keep the blinds closed, adjust the lighting to “stars”, read a space book from the collection, watch Gravity or another space move pre loaded onto the TV, order room service and simply stay in your own luxury space ship and dream the night away. In the background play the deep growl that the sound of space is through the inbuilt speakers. Marvel at the models, look to the stars in the ceiling and dream. This is an experience only some people will “get” but those that do will remember it forever.

So here we have it... a new destination         Space

Space Suite